Elon Musk crashes SXSW to debut SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch footage

Mar 12, 2018, 06:53
Elon Musk crashes SXSW to debut SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch footage

Elon Musk may be an innovator and icon for several South by Southwest festival attendees, but the engineer and tech magnate made it clear who he turns to for inspiration - and it's one of the best in the rap game.

As reported by the Verge, the video was created by a different Mask directed by Jonathan Nolan.

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"We are building the first Mars, or interplanetary ship, and I think well [s.i.c.] be able to [do] short trips, flights by first half of next year", Musk said, according to CNBC.

Musk and Nolan closed out the session with a live rendition of "My Little Buttercup" from John Landis' "The Three Amigos", with guitar accompaniment by a cowboy-hatted Kimbal Musk.

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Pointing to AlphaGo and its predecessor AlphaGo Zero, Musk said AI is capable of vastly more than anyone knows, and said the rate of improvement is also exponential. "I think once we build it we'll have a point of proof something that other companies and countries can go and do". He was quick to hedge his claim, noting that his timelines tend to be "optimistic" (remember how Falcon Heavy was supposed to launch in 2013?), but this at least gives you a timeframe. Musk did talk at great length about his well-known fear of artificial intelligence. "We have to figure out some way to ensure that the advent of digital superintelligence is one which is symbiotic with humanity". "We're quite close to the cutting edge in AI and it scares the hell out of me", he said.

"For the early people that go to Mars, it will be far more risky", he said.

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Artist's rendering of USA astronaut planting a flag on Mars. Once there, Musk spoke about the show but also touched on more personal topics such as balancing the good and bad aspects of his life. Musk cited the iconic entertainer Fred Astaire and hip-hop artist Kanye West.