Playa del Carmen ferry explosion injures passengers

Feb 25, 2018, 00:18
Playa del Carmen ferry explosion injures passengers

A ferry has been struck by an explosion in Mexico, reportedly injuring around a dozen people who were on board. A local Mexican official said at least two Americans and three Canadians were affected. No casualties or life-threatening wounds had yet been reported. Although the victims had minor cuts, "we have to follow the necessary protocol [surrounding] medical attention, hence the reason why they were transferred [to a hospital]", Torres added. There were no fatalities.

An explosion on a ferry as it unloaded passengers in the Caribbean beach city of Playa del Carmen on Wednesday left 25 people injured, AP reported.

"People are our priority".

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Witnesses said the ferry pulled into the port just three minutes before the explosion.

Fire engulfs the front section of a burning ferry as fire fighters battle the blaze off the shore of Merak city, January 28, 2011.

The ferry was en route to Conzumel from Playa del Carmen early Wednesday.

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The blast sent a fireball and debris flying from the ferry as it was tied to the dock.

The initial investigation has revealed the explosion was caused by a mechanical failure, according to Quintana Roo officials.

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