Dems Flip KY House Seat In District Trump Won By Huge Margin

Feb 22, 2018, 01:06
Dems Flip KY House Seat In District Trump Won By Huge Margin

In December of last year, days after the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting published an extensive expose on Johnson's fraudulent claims over many years - as well as an allegation that he molested a teen - Johnson shot and killed himself.

Father-of-five and pastor Johnson, 57, also made headlines for posting racist pictures likening the Obamas to monkeys.

In 2016, Belcher was narrowly defeated by Dan Johnson, despite Johnson being ostracized by the Republican Party of Kentucky after media reports about his openly racist Facebook posts.

In their lone face-to-face encounter, Linda Belcher channeled her animated likeness and told Johnson, "I was gonna punch you, but I'm holding wine".

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Dan Johnson killed himself in December after adamantly denying the sexual assault allegations from the pulpit of his church.

Belcher will now face a Republican challenger again in the general election this fall, which could again be Rebecca Johnson, as she and Thomas Huff will face off in the Republican primary in May.

Linda Belcher took 68.45 percent of the vote in a special election against Rebecca Johnson for Kentucky House District 49.

Her victory Tuesday is the latest in a series of Democratic triumphs in special elections across the country over the past year.

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"I've heard from and about people all day long saying they went to vote for me at the correct polling place and were refused the opportunity to vote", Johnson said in a news release.

Following allegations of his terrible crime, Johnson committed suicide, leaving his seat open and for the taking.

This is the 37th state legislative seat Democrats have flipped from red to blue since Trump's election.

Democrats say it is proof that their party is gaining momentum ahead of the midterm elections.

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Across the 70 special elections in 2017, Democrats beat their Republican opponents by 10 points more than Hillary Clinton did in 2016 and seven points more than President Barack Obama did in 2012, according to data collected by the progressive website Daily Kos.