The first photos of North and South Koreas' unified Olympic hockey team

Jan 29, 2018, 09:01
The first photos of North and South Koreas' unified Olympic hockey team

The Treasury Department said Wednesday it was targeting nine entities, 16 individuals and six vessels in several countries that finance or support North Korea's nuclear weapons program.

The US, South Korea and a number of other allies have held a variety of military exercises on and around the Korean Peninsula over the course of 2017, including "decapitation strike" drills meant to practice taking out North Korea's leadership.

Asked about impressions he took away from his tour of the areas where South and North Korean soldiers stand face to face, Schroeder said it is a far cry from the feeling that he had while staying in Seoul, which is just 50 kilometers away.

"Our response to this threat remains diplomacy led, backed up with military options available to ensure that our diplomats are understood to be speaking from a position of strength", the secretary explained.

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The agreement between North and South Korea on the North's participation in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games is a breakthrough in ties that have been frozen for two years.

Mattis said he planned to talk with Harris Thursday evening after arriving and again today and then meet with Song.

A European security source said: 'Russia's port of Nakhodka is becoming a transhipping hub for North Korean coal'. (South Korea Unification Ministry via AP) South Korea and North Korea women's ice hockey team players meet at the South Korea's national training center in Jincheon on January 25.North Korean women's ice hockey players during a training session at the Jincheon national training center in Jincheon, South Korea on January 26.

The North has shown rapid progress toward its goal of developing a nuclear weapon that could reach the USA mainland.

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Washington's sanctions in August also aim to ban exports of crude oil and petroleum products to North Korea due to its nuclear and missile programs.

He thanked US allies in the region for their support in upholding ongoing sanctions against North Korean products that have been ratcheted up in response to a slew of missile tests in 2017.

Russian ports were used on at least three occasions to circumvent United Nations sanctionsNorth Korea exported coal to South Korean and Japan through Russia even after United Nations sanctions went into effect a year ago imposing a full-scale embargo on North Korean coal, a Reuters report claims.

North Korea has used sports as symbolic gestures of reconciliation in the past, as evidenced by their previous experiences participating with South Korea, according to The Washington Post. But the statement was also confirmed by U.S. intelligence data.

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