Train Derails Near Italy's Milan City, 2 Dead

Jan 26, 2018, 02:19
Train Derails Near Italy's Milan City, 2 Dead

The Trenord train was heading to Milan from Cremona, in northern Italy. Rescue crews gingerly climbed through the crushed sides of the cars trying to get to trapped passengers.

Another 10 people were seriously injured when the regional train came off the tracks near Milan on Thursday morning.

She said the incident happened at around 7 am (0600 GMT) near the Milan suburb of Segrate. The images from the scene show one of the carriages twisted onto itself.

Cause of the crash is still being investigated.

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All passengers were now accounted for, the Red Cross in Italy said.

On TV footage, helicopters could be seen taking the injured to nearby hospitals.

Local media quote officials as saying 4 people are confirmed dead and the number of injured could top 100.

Witnesses say the train was full of passengers before the accident.

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At least six people are still stuck inside one of the carriages, Rai Radio1 reports, though emergency services have not ruled out there could be more.

An eyewitness told La Repubblica newspaper that: "Shortly before Pioltello the train began shaking and we knew there was something wrong".

The organization's online networking page said the postponements because of the train derailment were caused by a "specialized burden". In 2016, 23 people were murdered when two trains crashed on a solitary track in an olive woods in Puglia, southeastern Italy.

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