Canadian woman's killer sentenced after posting selfie with key clue

Jan 19, 2018, 02:46
Canadian woman's killer sentenced after posting selfie with key clue

It was just past midnight when the two friends huddled for a photo in March of 2015.

The photo remained as Gargol's profile picture for more than a year after her death. She was sentenced to seven years of imprisonment on Monday for killing her in March 2015. She was found strangled to death near a landfill with a belt near her body.

Cheyenne Rose Antoine, 21, shared a selfie on Facebook where she can be seen with her best friend Britteny Gargol, 18, who was murdered 2 years ago.

Those issues continued even after Antoine killed her friend.

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Police said the selfie made Antoine a suspect in the crime, allowing them to focus their investigation on her, Canadian media reported. After a night of drinking, the pair got into an argument. But she later admitted to the killing, though she claims she doesn't remember it. That has been a boon to investigators who can confirm details in photos and videos posted to social media, but can also help the wrongly accused show they were somewhere other than a crime scene.

In court, Antoine apologized for her actions.

To cover up suspicion, Antoine posted on Gargol's Facebook page the following morning - "Where are you?" Haven't heard from you. "Expectation you influenced it to home safe" - was a preoccupation. That post was on Facebook only a few hours before Gargol's death.

Importantly, beside Gargol's body lay a belt - evidence that would later be the incriminating evidence that would crack the case. In the bottom-left corner, Antoine's belt is visible.

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Crown prosecutor Robin Ritter praised the police work that ultimately led to Antoine's arrest. Nothing I say or do will ever bring her back. "I am very, very sorry.It shouldn't have ever happened", Antoine said in court. "It's wrong and shouldn't have happened".

As a component of her request, Antoine acknowledged duty regarding Gargol's death yet said she didn't recollect killing her.

Members of Gargol's family cried as they struggled to read victim impact statements during the sentencing hearing, often passing their words to Ritter to read.

Gargol's father told the court how angry and sad he was about how short his daughter's life was.

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"Where are you?" she wrote. By 2020, the company estimates there will be roughly three smart devices for every person on the planet. Authorities determined the accessory was used as the murder weapon, according to The Saskatoon StarPhoenix.