OnePlus customers reporting credit card fraud after purchasing phones

Jan 17, 2018, 00:04
OnePlus customers reporting credit card fraud after purchasing phones

"That is ONE HELL of a coincidence, especially as the only time I have used the card with a retailer in the past year was with OnePlus a few days back", wrote one customer in regard with the issue.

Dozens of OnePlus customers reported on the company's user forum that fraudulent transactions were made over the past week following a purchase on the site in the past two months.

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The company has now confirmed that they are looking into the issue and you can see their full official statement here. "We immediately began to investigate as a matter of urgency". As such, the company is working around the clock to address the issue.

So what's up with the OnePlus store and fraudulent credit card activity? Instead it uses a third-party company to carry out the payment processing on its behalf.

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OnePlus has since responded, saying in a blog post: "Over the weekend, members of the OnePlus community reported cases of unknown credit card transactions occurring on their credit cards post-purchase from Our website is HTTPS encrypted, so it's very hard to intercept traffic and inject malicious code, however we are conducting a complete audit", a spokesperson wrote on OnePlus's official forums.

However, while OnePlus claims customer data is never saved on its website, an independent audit by Fidus Information has revealed that some information is kept, albeit briefly, on OnePlus' own servers before it's pushed to its payment partner. Few digits are sent to OnePlus for identification purposes plus a "token" - a string of symbols that represents the card. In the meantime, if you do want to buy something direct from OnePlus, it seems your only option is to use PayPal, while the company works on providing "alternate secure payment options". "This token is stored in our system, but it's impossible for us to decrypt it and access your card info". The bank should help users initiate a chargeback and prevent any financial loss. OnePlus will continue to investigate the matter with its third-party service providers and reveal the findings to its customers in due course.

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