Cam Newton Famous CTE Expert Calls BS ... That's a Concussion

Jan 09, 2018, 00:44
Cam Newton Famous CTE Expert Calls BS ... That's a Concussion

The NFL and the players union have launched an official review to determine whether the Carolina Panthers followed the concussion protocol properly with quarterback Cam Newton during Sunday's NFC wild-card game vs. the Saints.

The controversy comes less than two weeks after a league mandate requiring more extensive concussion testing for players demonstrating obvious symptoms.

Newton took a hard hit in the fourth quarter in which he claimed his helmet came down over his eyes and hurt his right eye.

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Newton was clearly shaken up, and as he walked toward the Panthers' sideline, he fell to his knees.

According to Fox Sports' Chris Myers on the broadcast, Newton's visor poked him in the eye, a unusual explanation following a crushing blow. Any player showing "gross or sustained vertical instability" following a hit is now required to be evaluated for a concussion in the locker room, according to the NFL's updated concussion protocol. Yet, a few yards from the sideline, he stopped and collapsed to the ground, going on all fours and staring at the ground.

The NFL revised the concussion protocol after Houston Texans QB Tom Savage was let back into a game following a hit that left him shaking on the ground, though the Texans were not fined.

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"I can not believe the National Football League blew their new concussion protocol in the 2nd week with Cam Newton", Nowinski wrote on Twitter. "And again, from that point on I don't think anything else needs to be said about it". The odd thing about that is that Newton was wearing a visor.

'NFL concussion protocol should have dictated taking out Cam Newton and examining him immediately after direct hit to his head, ' Pat Leonard wrote. He was surprised to see Newton return to the game, he said.

This is the second time this season the Panthers are being investigated for their handling of Newton as it pertains to the concussion protocol. Jordan said. "Look, he like spun. If he wants to send me his address I can send him some sauce".

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