Activist Erica Garner dies in Brooklyn

Dec 31, 2017, 01:09
Activist Erica Garner dies in Brooklyn

Erica Garner, the 27-year-old daughter of Eric Garner who died when a police officer put him in a chokehold over illegally selling cigarettes, died Saturday due to complications from a heart attack.

The 27-year-old mother of an 8-year-old girl and 4-month old boy had a heart attack on December 23 and was on life support in a Brooklyn hospital. Her family confirmed this week that she had been declared brain dead after an asthma attack reportedly stressed Garner's enlarged heart and triggered cardiac arrest.

Her official twitter account, being run by her family, said she had suffered major brain damage from a lack of oxygen. Following her heart attack, Reverend Al Sharpton gave a speech asking for prayers for the activist and saying that he'd visited her at the hospital, according to a report from the New York Daily News.

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"She stood up for justice for her father", the Rev. Al Sharpton said in announcing the death of Garner, 27, at a NY hospital. He died after a white police officer put him in a chokehold while arresting him on Staten Island in July 2014.

"The police killed her unarmed, nonviolent father with an illegal chokehold and got off with nary a word", Brittany Packnett, a leader in the Black Lives Matter movement and co-founder of Campaign Zero, said on Twitter. New York City reached a $5.9 million settlement with Garner's estate in 2015.

"She was a warrior, she was a fighter and we didn't pull the plug on her", Esaw Snipes, Garner's mother, told the New York Daily News. "I will always march". The city of NY settled with Eric Garner's estate for $5.9 million in July 2015. Atlanta Black Star will be doing a more extensive piece to shine a light on the extensive work Garner has done and her legacy as an activist.

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Amid the 2016 Democratic presidential primaries, she supported Sen.

His death was ruled a homicide, but a grand jury decided not to indict Pantaleo on criminal charges. "I'm standing up, me being his girl", she said in the promotion.

"These people will co-opt anything to push their agenda", Garner said, calling out Clinton's campaign team on Twitter. She was particularly critical of de Blasio, noting that he defended the NYPD's decision not to release Pantaleo's disciplinary records after her father's death. "Her heart was assaulted by a framework that would gag her father and not consider responsible those that did it".

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