Pennsylvania Woman Shocked to Receive a $284 Billion Electric Bill

Dec 27, 2017, 01:59
Pennsylvania Woman Shocked to Receive a $284 Billion Electric Bill

The 58-year-old suspected that her family had put up their Christmas lights wrong.

The stunned homeowner was, however, given the leeway to pay the massive amount on her electric bill by November 2018.

Horomanski's bill was adjusted to reflect the correct payment of $284.46.

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The hilarious and terrible thing about this is that she would have been on the hook for a minimum payment in December of $28,156 had she not gotten that bill adjusted. That was pretty bad, but not quite as bad as the bill for $284 billion one Pennsylvania woman ended up getting from her electricity provider this month.

After speaking with her son, who promptly contacted the utility company, she learned that the entire episode had thankfully been nothing more than a weird error.

A spokesperson for Penelec's parent company said he doesn't know how the mistake happened. Horomanski has got over her scare now and can even make jokes about the incident.

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Horomanski, suspecting that something was off with her bill, sent a text message to her son to contact the electric company about the issue. As the Erie Times-News reported, that is more than the combined national debts of Hungary and South Africa.

In another case a Florida man opened up a bill for $12,000 from his electric company. Somehow, a decimal place in the customer's normal bill total took a bit of a holiday vacation and traveled several decimal places to the right, turning a $284.46 total into something much, much higher.

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