Boy calls 911 to catch the Grinch

Dec 20, 2017, 01:12
Boy calls 911 to catch the Grinch

Five-year-old TyLon Pittman of Byram, Mississippi, called his local police for help to save Christmas from the Grinch after watching a video online about the classic Seuss curmudgeon.

TyLon then allowed the Grinch to be released, WLBT reported.

Cops did respond to Tylon's house, and reassured him they'd keep the Grinch dude at bay. Then she promised, "The Grinch is not going to come and steal your Christmas".

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But TyLon said: 'He steals everybody's Christmas'.

The dispatcher who took TyLon's call thought it was so amusing that she posted about it on Facebook, and Officer Lauren Develle asked for the address. "I gotta get back to work, but I just wanted to come and tell you the Grinch is not going to come steal your Christmas, okay?", she tells TyLon. He showed her the video, and told her he watches all the videos about the Grinch.

After deciding the Grinch had enough time to think about his actions, Tylon released him from the holding cell. After serving his time in the holding cell, Tylon made a decision to let the Grinch go.

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The boy was so releived to have the policewoman come and assure him of his Christmas's safety. Taking the boy's hand in a handshake, he said: "You have saved Christmas for the people of Byram".

According to the Clarion Ledger, Pittman wants to be a police officer when he grows up. "Thank you to Officer Develle and BPD for not only making my little brother's day but for showing him that being an officer isn't just about stopping crime", he wrote.

Thompson said he told TyLon that when he is 21, he can fill out an application to be a real officer.

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