Take a look inside the world's largest Starbucks

Dec 06, 2017, 00:37
Take a look inside the world's largest Starbucks

The Seattle-based coffee company opened a 30,000-square-foot store in Shanghai on Tuesday. "The affinity we have built with our partners (employees) and customers over the past 18 years in China is special", says Schultz, who notes that the metropolitan hub and consumer gateway Shanghai is the ideal location for the new premium store. The ceiling, according to a news release, is made of "10,000 handmade wooden hexagon-shaped tiles, inspired by the locking of an espresso shot on an espresso machine". "With over 3,000 stores, you might ask yourself, how much growth is there left for Starbucks in China?" asked Schultz.

Starbucks has showcased its first overseas roastery and its world's largest store in Shanghai, as it expressed strong confidence in the growing Chinese market.

At the Shanghai Roastery, Italian baker Rocco Princi brings his artisanal offerings to Asia for the first time.

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On Tuesday, crowds sampled fresh brews and watched beans being roasted on-site at the grand opening event for the brand's first worldwide Starbucks Reserve Roastery, focused on serving higher-end gourmet coffee. "We have over 600 stores in Shanghai", Schultz said.

In China, Starbucks' young baristas and shift supervisors receive a housing allowance subsidy, Wong said. The location has gourmet drinks - like nitrogen-infused teas - and an 88-foot-long, hand-crafted coffee bar. Customers can book coffee tasting experiences on Alibaba's e-commerce site and also buy special Starbucks Reserve coffee and related products tied to the store's launch.

Starbucks dominates in China and is growing fast in the market, while in the United States it comes under pressure from a "third wave" of boutique coffee sellers and cheaper rivals. With the Reserve Roastery, Schultz says, "We've created a space that both recognizes and celebrates our 46-year history of coffee leadership and retail innovation with China's rich, diverse culture".

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Here's what it's like to visit the Shanghai Roastery, the most over-the-top Starbucks in the world.

But despite all of Shanghai Roastery's features, it's still a coffee shop at heart.

Until now, Starbucks' only open Roastery was in Seattle, Washington.

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