Amazon's new plan aims to get teens hooked

Oct 13, 2017, 00:25
Amazon's new plan aims to get teens hooked

Adults can add up to four teenagers to their account, giving youngsters their own login information to buy stuff through the Amazon app. Parents can set spending limits, cancel orders and get notifications when something is bought.

Perhaps more importantly for Amazon, Prime Student opens up a new possible revenue stream with a cohort of consumers that will always be there-and will always be replenished year after year.

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By the time they're 13 to 17, they're advanced enough internet users that keeping them out of their Amazon accounts in probably the least of parents' concerns-does Amazon have any suggestions for keeping teens from ordering drugs on the dark web?

Amazon (AMZN) now wants teenagers to shop on their own without mom and dad chiming in.

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Amazon wants to empower teens to spend their parents' money. The parent will need to setup the shipping address and payment method, after which point an invitation is sent back to the teen. Parents can then allow or deny the attempt with a simple "Y" or "N" reply to the automated message. Also, they can choose to skip the approval step all together and set pre-approved spending limits, offering teens full freedom. Parents are shown the item, how much it costs, and similar details, as well as any note about it the teen may have made.

The new teen accounts are a part of Amazon Households, the Amazon feature that allows customers to share their Prime accounts with other family members, create shared digital libraries for the family, and share credit and debit cards. "We've listened to families and have built a great experience for both teens and parents", said Michael Carr, vice president, Amazon Households.

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