Darren Aronofsky disappointed Mother! critics fail to acknowledge his filmmaking skill

Sep 20, 2017, 00:50
Darren Aronofsky disappointed Mother! critics fail to acknowledge his filmmaking skill

"This is an interesting case of what appears to be a total disconnect between the critics, who have been fairly receptive, and audiences who are collectively giving mother! their unanimous seal of disapproval with some of the lowest audience scores seen for a wide release film", said comScore's Paul Dergarabedian about the disparity between critics' reviews and the audience's ratings.

Megan Colligan, worldwide president of Paramount marketing and distribution, said, "You are talking about a director at the top of his game, and an actress at the top her game".

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We've already posted our take on what movie means, but at TIFF last week, Collider's own Steve Weintraub went straight to the source and asked Aronofsky point blank what he intended with this story. His role in the movie is to show that "God" is in love with all the attention he is getting from people worshiping him, but he is never pleased and wants more.

In New Zealand, mother! scored $60,000 on opening weekend - the sixth highest-grossing film, with It in the top spot pulling in more than $650,000 even though it'd already been out for a week. "And it's okay if some people don't like it".

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The other notable film in theaters this weekend: Darren Aronofsky's "mother!" starring Jennifer Lawrence. Other movies with an F grade include Andrew Dominik's Killing Them Softly, Richard Kelly's The Box, I Know Who Killed Me with Lindsay Lohan, William Friedkin's Bug, Greg McLean's Wolf Creek, Steven Soderbergh's Solaris, and Robert Altman's Dr. T and the Women. Not bad films, to be clear, more films that, if they don't side with them, people tend to outright hate.

The Brad Pitt-starring low-key action film "Killing Them Softly" earned an F CinemaScore in 2012. The $50 million film earned just $14.9 million domestically. "It", the film adaptation of Stephen King's novel, now holds the record for the highest-grossing opening for the category, earning up to $123.4 million.

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