The latest GOP plan to kill Obamacare has a new twist

Sep 19, 2017, 00:55
The latest GOP plan to kill Obamacare has a new twist

McMaster, an early Trump supporter during the 2016 presidential election, would not indicate on Monday if he will endorse the bill before the September 30 deadline.

McMaster confirmed he has had several conversations with Graham and Vice President Mike Pence along with "a few others".

Some Senate Republicans are trying to revive their efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

But Graham has made wooing governors a centerpiece of his longshot strategy.

Graham has often been one of the only Republican senators who will explicitly criticize Trump.

But look at the complaints from its critics, and you get a sense of why it's a step worth taking. "It's time for them to get the job done". It would end most major provisions of Obamacare and replace them with block grants states can use to help cover lower-income residents now insured under the ACA. Lindsey Graham of SC and Louisiana's Bill Cassidy. McCain was interviewed on "Face the Nation", and health care never came up.

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President Donald Trump has been telephoning members of Congress in recent days urging action on dismantling Obamacare.

However, the issue is far from settled: A new effort by Senate Republicans appears to have a chance of being pushed through in the next two weeks.

But the hallowed Republican idea of offering flexibility in use of federal health-care funds so long as there are less of them every year could still achieve a long-awaited triumph if Graham and Cassidy get that 50th Senate vote. For whatever reason, and without much ado, he endorsed the bill today. Rand Paul voted yes, immediately following the defeat of his "clean" repeal 45/55, buying into the keep-the-ball-rolling rationale. Bill Cassidy and other Republican governors in late July to help craft it.

Graham warned that if Republicans fail to pass his bill, a single-payer system like the kind proposed by Sen.

There are also inherent political risks in advancing Graham's bill.

This is a welcome return to federalist principles that the GOP had forgotten when crafting their earlier ObamaCare replacement bills. Republicans control the Senate 52-48. And both chambers are not scheduled to meet later this week because of the Jewish holiday.

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The Cassidy-Graham bill would eliminate the requirement for most Americans to have health insurance and for larger employers to offer it to employees. As a gastroenterologist who was deeply involved in health policy in the House before joining the Senate in 2015, he wants to be known as the guy who led Republicans across the finish line on the Obamacare overhaul effort eluding them.

Republicans who've not yet lined up behind the bill include Alaska's Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins of Maine, Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, John McCain of Arizona and Ohio's Rob Portman.

For now, eyes are on McCain and Murkowski.

The legislation goes by the names of its four sponsors ― Sen. The CBO won't be able to quickly predict how many Americans would lose or gain insurance, whether premiums would rise or by how much and if the overall legislation would add to the national deficit. It concedes that the federal government is responsible for providing massive health care subsidies to the states. "If I could just say again, the way to do this is have a bill, put it through committee".

The block grant is run through CHIP and is subject to a mandatory appropriation.

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