Mexico natural disaster death toll 61 as rescue efforts begin

Sep 12, 2017, 00:31
Mexico natural disaster death toll 61 as rescue efforts begin

61 people until now have been announced dead and President Enrique Peña Nieto suspects at least 200 people have been injured.

Earthquake, in particular, has affected the States of Oaxaca, Chiapas and Tabasco; serious damage was caused to the city of juchitan de Zaragoza in Oaxaca.

According to the President, Mexico was faced with the strongest registered in the country over at least the last 100 years natural disaster, noted by the media.

The 'message of sympathy" was sent out by President Abdulla Yameen, where he had also said that he was deeply "grieved' to learn about the devastation caused by the 8.1 magnitude natural disaster.

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People in distant Mexico City, the capital, ran out into the streets after the tremor. President Nieto has declared a day of mourning, and flags would fly high at most, out of respect for the people we have lost in this unforeseen tragedy. He said 45 deaths had been reported in Oaxaca, 12 in Chiapas and four in Tabasco. The quake damaged 1,700 homes, 700 schools and 18 other public buildings in Chiapas, according to preliminary estimates.

The worst destruction appeared to be in Juchitan, Oaxaca, where 17 people were pulled from the rubble. A number of buildings suffered severe damage in parts of southern Mexico.

Guatemala was also hit by this quake; the president says they have lost at least one other life.

Throughout Friday, the region was shaken with scores of aftershocks.

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Reportedly this quake did not cause as much damage as the 1985 tremors as it hit less populated areas while the 1985 tremor hit close to Mexico City.

Pope Francis, addressing an open air Mass on a visit to Colombia, said he was praying "for those who have lost their lives and their families". The quake was more powerful than the 1985 tremor that hit close to Mexico City and caused thousands of deaths.

A video of the natural disaster lights was captured by a witness - capturing a odd, little-understood phenomenon.

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