Jeff Flake Shrugs Off Trump's Incessant Attacks: That's His 'Prerogative'

Aug 26, 2017, 01:21
Jeff Flake Shrugs Off Trump's Incessant Attacks: That's His 'Prerogative'

In an interview with ABC15 today, Republican Senator Jeff Flake fired back, saying he's not a rubber stamp for the president. "It's going well. And what the president does, that's his prerogative", Flake told the newspaper.

The Arizona Republican also blew off Trump's potential support for Flake's primary opponent Kelli Ward.

Will Trump have a primary challenger in 2020?

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Flake also noted that "it doesn't make sense in certain areas, certainly in Arizona", due to property and other issues that could block the building of a wall.

Trump's boisterous showing appeared to be an attempt to fire up the political base that was the key to his election win a year ago. Flake refused to endorse Trump, frequently criticizes his actions, and just published a book about why Boss Baby is a scourge on the GOP, prompting POTUS to team up with his billionaire patrons in the Mercer family to try to kick the senator out of office.

In a phone call with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto one week after Trump was inaugurated, the US president acknowledged that both leaders were "in a little bit of a political bind" because each had vowed not to pay for the wall, according to a transcript of the call published earlier this month by The Washington Post.

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"I don't know. I want to work with the president when I think that he's right, and I'll challenge him when I think that he's wrong", Flake said.

Last week, Flake penned an op-ed in the New York Times in favor of low-skilled immigration, in direct contradiction to the president's immigration agenda. "They have such a razor-thin majority in the Senate". They need to focus on winning the 2018 midterm election, Wilson said. The Democratic base looks like it's energized, which means it will be easier to fundraise, recruit good candidates, and get people out to vote. The White House's bungled comments have escalated tensions in Congress, and milquetoast Republican reactions are already becoming fodder for Democratic attacks.

Then, in a swipe at Arizona's other senator, Jeff Flake, another critic, Trump warned: "Nobody wants me to talk about him".

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Outside the Phoenix Convention Center where the President spoke, police used gas canisters to disperse a crowd of anti-Trump protestors.