Gamescom 2017: Microsoft is giving away digital prizes on Mixer again

Aug 19, 2017, 06:50
Gamescom 2017: Microsoft is giving away digital prizes on Mixer again

In fact, this special console will be branded with the Project Scorpio logo, according to reports. The images show a clear "Project Scorpio" embedded vertically on the Xbox controller, along with a stippled pattern for the rectangular console itself.

It seems that Amazon Germany has once again leaked out something before it could be revealed internationally, this time apparently revealing the Xbox One X Day One Edition. Project Scorpio, you may remember, was the codename of the Xbox One X before it was called that, so this new version appears to be a nod to those origins. was able to grab a screenshot of the listing alongside pics of the console and special controller.

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While we should take this with a grain of salt until Microsoft makes an announcement, this looks legit. The 4K edition of the Xbox One is will be available on 7th November, with a hefty £450 price tag.

It's a matter of days before the event of gamescom 2017 start, which is why Microsoft made a decision to talk a little bit more about what's cooking for this event. Microsoft has finally announced when we'll hear the details regarding the Xbox One X pre-order, and it's not long now. However, one important thing has been missing, as fans have been waiting on pre-orders ever since.

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Given how close we are getting to the Xbox One X's actual launch, I'd hazard a guess and say pre-orders may go live directly after Sunday's Gamescom conference.

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