YouTube finally brings Direct Video Sharing feature to all users globally

Aug 09, 2017, 00:20
YouTube finally brings Direct Video Sharing feature to all users globally

Like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger here also user can create its own contact group. YouTube product manager Benoît de Boursetty says "We've been experimenting with a better way to share videos on YouTube since previous year". Early this year, there was a wider rollout for users in Canada. The company tell this feature is later expands to the Latin America. Now the feature is enabled for all users of the YouTube application on smartphones, but is not available on the desktop version of the site. The roll out begins today. These videos presumably follow all YouTube's guidelines for advertiser-friendly content and are not considered controversial in any way. You can then choose from the options - View participants, Add participants, Delete chat, and Mute notification.

The YouTube app has been upgraded with a new tab that includes all the shared videos under one roof. This will essentially make it a lot easier to see which videos you and friends have shared recently and watch it.

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Every new video you share starts a chat, and everyone in the conversation can share their two cents. YouTube only has so many resources, both automated and human, to review videos on a case-by-case basis.

Mr Khan said: 'Internet giants have policies in place around violent content, but they do not go far enough. The co-viewing found in the company experimental in TouTube App.

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Either way, it looks like Google is very busy tinkering with its YouTube mobile app in various aspects.

The videos in question, which reportedly feature gang members wielding large knives and describing killing methods in a bid to intimidate rivals, have not been removed, as YouTube maintains that the videos do not breach their terms. Along with the exchange of links and chats about the video itself.

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Accessing this particular feature is also fairly easy. It allows you to find the friends from your phones address book. Though, it doesn't yet have a way to block requests from others. The deny claims but for the public figures or whose named or contact information is available. And if you want to continue sharing videos through other apps, you can still do that too. The Group is sharing with up to support 30 people.