The 10-Hour Mass Effect: Andromeda Trial is Now Free to Everyone

Jul 16, 2017, 00:37
The 10-Hour Mass Effect: Andromeda Trial is Now Free to Everyone

The first few hours of the game's campaign aren't exactly the most thrilling, but ten hours should show you whether or not you want to play it and see things through.

You can download the free trial here for PC, here for Xbox One and here for PlayStation 4. If you haven't had a chance to check out the life and times of the Ryder family, then you're in luck - a 10 hour trial for the game is now available for all.

It wasn't a complete disaster however.

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The 10-hour free trial that was previously only available to EA Access members on PC and Xbox One is back, and it's now available to everyone, including those folks playing on PS4.

The developer and publisher have now announced that a free demo is now available.

FULL GAME - Play Up To 10 Hours: This is the flawless time to join the fight for humanity's new home.

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Though there were plans to continue working on new Mass Effect games, Andromeda's shaky launch has caused plans for the series to change.

Mass Effect: Andromeda had a rough start with critics and players as a result. The only downside here is that those who played the last trial through EA Access or Origin Access will have that time already deducted from the 10 hours offered here. Those who are left to work on Mass Effect Andromeda are there primarily to work on regular patch updates and new multiplayer content.

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