House votes to allow Pentagon funding for gender transition

Jul 15, 2017, 00:33
House votes to allow Pentagon funding for gender transition

"This cowardly Republican amendment targeting transgender men and women in uniform effectively bans these patriotic Americans from serving their country". But if you're trying to join the military, you must stay closeted.

The U.S. House of Representatives debated that issue Thursday before rejecting a defense bill amendment that would have blocked tax dollars from paying gender-transition expenses for military members and their families. "This amendment is not about defense", he said.

In pushing the amendment, Hartzler also argued that the surgery is "very costly".

Why exactly Mattis called Hartzler on Thursday to urge her to withdraw the amendment is unclear; however, in his statement to Task & Purpose said, Michael seemed to suggest that if transgender troops are allowed to serve openly, Mattis will ensure that they can do so without suffering any form of prejudice. "It is imperative that the House of Representatives reject this harmful amendment".

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"The Army Directive orders all personnel to accept transsexuals having a new "gender marker" in bathrooms, showers and other private areas, showing zero concern for the feelings of women exposed to "gender pretenders" taking advantage of the situation", Elaine Donnelly writes in a new Center for Military Readiness special report calling on Trump and the Military to "Revoke Problematic "Transgender" Policy Directives and Instructions" to the troops.

Congress has defeated an attempt to prohibit the military from providing or covering medical treatment such as hormones or gender confirmation surgery for active transgender military members.

"Today's strong, bipartisan vote sent a resounding message of support for our military families and transgender service members", Chad Griffin, the president of the Human Rights Campaign, said in a statement.

Rep. Hartzler's new amendment would have prohibited the Department of Defense from providing medical treatment for transition-related services.

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Sarah McBride, spokesperson for the LGBT lobby group Human Rights Campaign, reported, "If only three Members of Congress had voted yes instead [i.e., FOR the measure denying taxpayer funding to the Pentagon for transsexual "sex reassignment surgeries"], this risky and discriminatory anti-transgender amendment would have passed". However, the delay doesn't affect transgender troops who already are serving openly in the military. If a doctor says transition-related care is necessary, the group wrote, "that treatment should be provided just as it would be for any other medical condition for any other service member".

A smattering of Democrats gathered to oppose the amendment offered by Rep. Vicky Hartzler, R-Mo., quietly gasped.

"By my figures, we are projected to pay $3.7 billion over the next ten years for sex reassignment surgery and hormone therapy for those in the military that wish to transition from one sex to another", Perry said.

"With the challenges we are facing across the globe, we are asking the American people to invest their hard-earned money in national defense". Advocates state that lifting the ban allows the military to recruit the best talent, regardless of transgender status, and cite to a 2016 RAND Corporation study that found open service would have a "minimal impact on readiness".

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