StalemateTheresa May and Jeremy Corbyn both struggled on Question Time

Jun 04, 2017, 06:15
StalemateTheresa May and Jeremy Corbyn both struggled on Question Time

"Mayism" was launched with posters calling on voters to support "May's Team" instead of the Conservative Party; other tactics included frequent repetition of the phrases "strong and stable", "ordinary people" and - to describe her opponents - "coalition of chaos".

Mr Mackinlay narrowly beat Nigel Farage, then UKIP leader, in one of the tightest results in the 2015 election. In recent years opinion polls have proved woefully wrong.

- Get out and vote on 8 June.

Senior polling experts have privately admitted being aware of groups of Labour activists - some of which are led by grassroots Jeremy Corbyn-supporting group Momentum - urging left wingers to apply to attend political events pretending to be Conservatives so as to give the impression Labour won the debate.

Brexit is this generation's chance to start an exciting new chapter in our country's story.

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Critics, whether in among party comrades or opposition ranks, argued that May is not eligible to lead exit negotiations with Brussels given the circumstances that surrounded her rise to power.

If she fails to beat handsomely the 12-seat majority her predecessor David Cameron won in 2015, her electoral gamble will have failed and her authority will be undermined both inside the Conservative Party and at talks with 27 other European Union leaders.

The striking thing, though, is that it looks, at first sight, like the Tories have reined in their ambitions. "But I have been very impressed by the campaign that he has been running and I wish him the very best". "We would fund them properly to achieve all of that". "We have set it out in the manifesto", she said. The truth is that the presidential-style campaign does not suit Theresa May. Instead, the party is running an expensive air war, buying wraparound ads in newspapers and sending voters personal letters from Theresa May, delivered by Royal Mail.

But Mrs May defended that decision in the evening TV appearance, when the two leaders took the stage one at a time to face audience questions. She has seemed brittle, defensive and wooden in answering questions, as she was yet again last night.

The greatest blow to her campaign has been May's attempt to go back on a manifesto proposal on social care where elderly people would have to pay a share for social care.

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"The only way they can be sure their taxes won't rise is to vote Conservative", he said.

May has had to try and wriggle out of it saying that her government would have a cap on the upper limit after consultations with relevant bodies and the public.

Opinium for The Observer also has the gap between the two main parties narrowing - to just six points - with the Conservatives on 43% - down two points on a week ago - while Labour is up two on 37%. She even visited seats far to the left of the graph, notionally safe Labour seats.

The PM said while she recognised the job nurses do "we have had to take some hard choices across the public sector in relation to public sector pay restraint" and that "we will put more money into the NHS, but there isn't a magic money tree that we can shake that suddenly provides for everything that people want". Jeremy Corbyn was seen to have performed well in a series of television debates.

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